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El Cerrito Committee for Responsible Government
*Welcome to the El Cerrito Committee for Responsible Government (ECCfRG) Email List, Forum, and WIKI * The committee was formed by El Cerrito residents seeking to promote a responsible, sustainable, and transparent city government on January 11, 2020. A primary objective is to create a strategic structure to successfully enhance The City of El Cerrito's ability to exercise its fiduciary responsibilities to El Cerrito residents. The ECCfGR is not a government agency. Currently, we are focused on El Cerrito's financial cris is. Previously, only subscribers could view the messages in order to encourage all to express themselves without feeling a socially compromised. However, this policy has been changed because of the dearth of new activity. Prospective new members are now given an opportunity to peruse past activity, but they cannot post a message without joining. We currently have approximately 60 El Cerrito residents as subscribers. . The member list and email addresses are still masked. Subscriptions are open to El Cerrito residents only. Subscribe: ( ) is our companion website open to the entire web, which contains complementary articles, a blog, and focused topics.
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  • 2022Elections
    *New Subgroup, 2022Elections, Now Online * Subgroups are a great way to segment members. Subgroups have the full feature set of parent groups; subgroup messages can be fully public, viewable by members of the parent group, or private to members of the subgroup. When the first subgroup is created, a subdomain will be created automatically. Currently, our parent group is called Let's say you're creating a subgroup called 2022Elections. After you create the subgroup, your parent group will now be and your subgroup will be called The preface, "Main, can change to any other name desired. This subgroup is dedicated to creating a safe space for networking efforts pertaining to community and political organizing for the 2022Elections in El Cerrito. Independents are especially welcome to participate. Creative and critical thinking are pluses.
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